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west Michigan Based

Josh Veldman of Nest Mortgage Group Michigan is a licensed loan officer who believes low rates, a streamlined loan approach, and customer care are the core components that empower you at the closing table. Josh is a West Michigan native and is committed to community growth and support. For almost a decade, he served clients at one of Michigan’s largest financial institutions. Utilizing the knowledge gained from this experience and a desire to operate a customer centric mortgage group in West Michigan, he launched Nest Mortgage Group of Michigan, an extension of Nest Mortgage Group, in January 2020.

A New Chapter in Life

We understand the complexity of getting a mortgage. The piles of paperwork, the deadlines and surprise costs. We get it. It’s essential to stay on time, on budget and guarantee a smooth transaction because it can mean the difference between getting the home you want and watching it slip away. We want to help you navigate it all to help ensure you find home.

We’re here to help you win!

Putting You First

At Nest Mortgage Group of Michigan, we know your desire to be a proud homeowner enjoying the comforts and safety of your space. But you need to secure the right mortgage and the process feels overwhelming. Large banks are eager to serve but quick to lose you in the shuffle. Your home and life are too valuable to risk to just any lender. You need a trusted lender who provides prompt, personal care and a cost efficient approach to home ownership. At Nest Mortgage Group of Michigan, we believe the mortgage process shouldn’t steal away your sanity, money or dream home. We seek to make the process easy, understandable, and efficient. 

Branch Manager / Mortgage Loan Originator

Securing Your Home

First, connect & discuss. At this meeting, we’ll listen to your wants, needs and goals pertaining to your home and your future. This will help us determine the type of loan you’ll need. We’ll discuss the role your credit score, savings, employment, and monthly obligations play in determining your loan approval. Then, we’ll secure the right loan for you. Purchase or refinance, FHA, conventional or VA – we’ll determine the loan that fits your situation. Finally, we’ll see you at the closing table.

We would love to hear from you!